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PCGN Documents

The following papers can be obtained from the Secretariat in paper copy.  A number can also be downloaded in .pdf format by clicking on the link below.  Please note that these documents are Crown Copyright.


Afghanistan: Administrative Divisions and Population Information  (May 1988)


Afghanistan: A Shredded Tapestry (October 2001) (pdf 314KB)


Afghanistan: A Shredded Tapestry – Brief Supplement as of August 2003 (pdf  46.9KB)


Afghanistan: The validity of Dari as a Language Label (June 2006) (pdf 196KB)


Algeria: Language and Toponymy.  How politically driven language policies have impeded toponymic progress (November 2003) (pdf 802KB)


Armenia : Territorial Divisions (September 1996)


Concise Gazetteer of Azerbaijan (October 1994)


Name Changes in Azerbaijan (October 1995)


The Geographical Names of Nagornyy Karabakh (August 1993)


Bahrain: Toponymic Factfile (March 2011) (pdf 153KB)


Belarus: Toponymic Factfile (May 2013) (152KB)


Language Evolution in Bosnia (August 2006) (pdf 698KB)


Name Changes in Bulgaria Since Publication of 1987 BGN Gazetteer (September 1994)


Bulgaria: Administrative Changes as of 8th January 1999 (July 1999)


An Introduction to the Toponymy of Burma (October 2007)


Administrative Divisions of the Czech Republic (April 2000)


Djibouti: Administrative Divisions, (January 2004) (pdf 189KB)


East Timor: Geographical Names against a volatile background (December 1999)

(pdf 66KB)


The toponymy of the Falkland Islands as recorded on maps and in gazetteers (July 2006) (pdf 752Kb)


The Territorial Divisions of the Republic of Georgia (September 1996)


Georgia: A Toponymic Note concerning South Ossetia (January 2007) (pdf 251KB)


Haiti: Toponymic Factfile (January 2010) (pdf 251KB)


Indonesia: Population and Administrative Divisions (October 2003) (pdf 460KB)


Indonesia: Population and Administrative Divisions: Supplement (June 2005) (pdf 60KB)


Iran: Toponymic Factfile (January 2012) (240KB)


Iran: Religion, Nationalism and Toponymy: The complex ongoing interconnections between Persian and Arabic (June 2003) (pdf 250KB)


The Kurdish Toponymy of Northern Iraq (February 2003) (pdf 456KB)


Iraq: Administrative Divisions 1918-1970  (February 2004)


Kazakhstan : Between Russia and Central Asia (March 2006) (pdf 1.14Mb)


North Korea: The Land of the Morning Calm (April 2003) (pdf 676Kb)


Finding List of Albanian Geographical Names in Kosovo and NW Macedonia  (July 1994)


Laos: Toponymy and the Quest for National Identity (November 2005) (pdf 453KB)


Mali: Toponymic Factfile (July 2010) (pdf 108KB)


Moldovan:  An Identity but not a Language (December 2005) (pdf 314KB)


A Brief Note on the Effect of Montenegrin Independence on Language (October 2006) (pdf 160KB)


Nigeria: Toponymic Factfile  (February 2013) (pdf 171KB)


Pakistan: Toponymic Factfile (January 2013) (pdf 88KB)


Russia: The amalgamation of administrative-territorial units as part of the Kremlin’s centralisation process (October 2008) (pdf 196KB)

Closed Settlements of the Russian Federation (January 1999)


Russian Federation : Developments Concerning Geographical Names Since 1987  (February 1999)


The Geographical Names of Chechnya (February 1998)


Respublika Dagestan, Land of Mountains : Mountain of Languages, (May 2004)

(pdf 299KB)


Russian Federation.  Respublika Ingushetiya : new capital Magas (September 2000)


Use of Languages other than Russian in the Republics of the Russian Federation: Komi Republic (May 1995)


Somalia: Where Clan Families Rule (November 2001) (pdf 336KB)


Name Changes in the Countries of the Former Soviet Union (October 1993)


The Evolution of the Geographical Names of Spain During the Past Twenty Years  (July 1999)


Sudan: Administrative Divisions (October 2012) (pdf 24KB)


The Geographical Names of Sudan (February 2004) (pdf 210KB)


South Sudan: Administrative Divisions (August 2011) (pdf 24KB)


Syria: Toponymic Factfile (May 2011) (pdf 275KB)


Tajikistan: The Lofty Fastness of the Pamirs (November 2001) (pdf 325KB)


Tatarstan: July 1993  (July 1993)


Turkmenistan: Geographical Names (July 2002) (pdf 230KB)


Concise Gazetteer of Ukraine (March 1994)


Recent Place-Name Changes in Ukraine (May 1995)


Toponymic Guidelines for Map and Other Editors: United Kingdom of Great Britain
and Northern Ireland
(Revised and Enlarged Edition, 2009) (pdf 491KB)


Uzbekistan: Stretching from Red Sands to Green Oasis: The Soul of Central Asia (October 2001) (pdf 150KB)


Yemen: Toponymic Factfile (May 2011) (pdf 342KB)


Place Names in Countries of the Former Yugoslavia (May 1999)


Zimbabwe: List of Name-Changes since Independence (March 1987)


Zimbabwe  (March 2002) (pdf 296KB)



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